Authentic CT Wine

Authentic CT Wine Party

If you are thinking about having a corporate party venue near me, consider using the beautiful grounds at Arrigoni Winery in Portland. There is plenty of authentic CT wine that can be served at your event if you choose to have it at the winery.
We have plenty of wines to choose from for your event here at Arrigoni Winery. We have sparkling wines, red wines, white wines, blush wines, fruit wines, port wines, seasonal wines, and our world-famous Sangria. You can also stop by to sample some of our wines at our classic or premium wine tastings.
For those thinking about a corporate party venue near me, our winery is the perfect place for your event. Check out our grounds which include a covered pavilion, beautiful vineyard, country barn winery, event tents, and wine patio. We have plenty of space for small and large groups of up to 150 people. We can also provide event planning, food catering, entertainment, and tents.
Make sure to read over our policies and let guests be aware of what they can and can't do to enjoy an event at Arrigoni Winery. We do not allow any kind of outside beverages on our premises. We are not responsible for items that are stolen or lost. Outdoor games are not allowed at the winery. To drink or order an alcoholic beverage, you must be at least 21 years old. If a guest cannot prove they are 21 years old or appear to be intoxicated, we will not serve them our authentic CT wine.
Please be considerate of our policies to ensure you and your guests have a wonderful time at your corporate event at Arrigoni Winery.


1287 Portland-Cobalt Rd. (Route 66)

Portland, CT 06480


Fridays 11AM-9PM

Saturday 11AM-6PM

Sunday 11AM-6PM

We are currently open with indoor & outdoor seating. Tastings are available all day long! Cheers!


(860) 342-1999