Best Winery in Connecticut

Best Winery in Connecticut

If you are looking for the best winery in Connecticut and best cider in Connecticut, check out Arrigoni Winery in Portland, Connecticut. This winery offers a variety of wines for guests to enjoy, as well as beautiful grounds to enjoy while tasting some great wine. Best vineyard in Connecticut? Well why don’t you come see for yourself.      

Each winery has a unique history, and Arrigoni Winery is no different. John "Jack LaSalle" Gherlone was a boxing champion who loved wine. He also happens to be the grandfather of the winery owner. Gherlone had a love of oenology while he was alive. Oenology is the study and science of winemaking. He has passed on this love to his grandson and great-granddaughter. Gherlone died in 1997 at 86 years old.    

Gherlone taught his grandson the art of winemaking. He learned how to crush and press grapes, which take out the juices from the skin. He was also taught how to barrel wines correctly to help the wine age into different varieties. 

Arrigoni Winery is named after the Arrigoni Bridge that goes across the CT River that is between Portland and Middletown. The winery is located on 200 acres of farmland between the Connecticut River and Route 66. Even though Gherlone passed before the winery was started, his love for winemaking still lives on in his family that runs the winery, which has become arguably the best vineyard in Connecticut.    

If you want to go to the best winery in Connecticut or try the best cider in Connecticut, you only need to go to one place - Arrigoni Winery. Check out this beautiful and historic place. Then, you can tell family and friends about wine tours near me to share this beautiful place with them as well.