Wedding Shower Venue

Special Wedding Shower Venue

If you are in search of the perfect wedding shower venue, or a special event venue near me, check out Arrigoni Winery in Portland, Connecticut. There is plenty of space to hold events at the beautiful winery any time of the year. Below are some important things to consider when picking a venue for your special event.
The first thing you should consider is your budget. Find a venue budget that works for you without breaking the bank. Then, ask friends and family about venues they have used in the past and their experience at their special event. Once you have a list of places, do your research and look at their website and reviews.
When you have your list of venues narrowed down, don't be afraid to contact the owners and ask them questions to make sure they are a great fit for your special day. From there, you can talk to a planner to see if they have places to suggest and can help you find the wedding show venue or special event venue of your dreams.
When considering a special event venue near me, make sure it aligns with the type of event you plan on having there. You also want to have an idea of how many guests you plan on having at your event. You don't want to pick a place that is too small, and you don't want your event somewhere that is so big the guests and you cannot mingle.
Once you find your special event venue, such as a wedding shower venue, think about how much it costs to include everything. If the venue includes extras, break down the price to see if it will be worth it or not for you and your event.


1287 Portland-Cobalt Rd. (Route 66)

Portland, CT 06480


Fridays 11AM-9PM

Saturday 11AM-6PM

Sunday 11AM-6PM

We are currently open with indoor & outdoor seating. Tastings are available all day long! Cheers!


(860) 342-1999